If you are interested in finding out about getting your license to posses, and use medical cannabis, or you already have a license but need help finding medical cannabis or understanding, what products to use, and how to vape, smoke or use edibles. Should I eat edible cannabis, can i smoke it in a joint, what is a dab, and a bubbler, where can I find the most reputable collectives, how do I grow my own cannabis. All these questions plus any others you have will be answered when you hire me as your consultant. If you are local, then we can work in person, and I can teach you first hand the best methods for using your medical marijuana. If you are remote I can consult using various video chatting methods.
My experience with marijuana spans over 25 years. I try to live my life as naturally as possible, obviously fail miserably, but I do not drink alcohol, and i do not take prescription medication (baring a trip to the hospital). I want to help patients gain the most from their medicine since it is not cheap, so keeping the learning curve as short as possible is ideal. Contact Me now to get started